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Adding new address to your email hosting?

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Do you wish to add another email account to your email hosting package? No problem, simply follow the steps listed below to add other accounts to your hosting package.

To add another account

If you want to add another account to your package. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Select the desired email account ending with your hosted domain name. For example info@your.domain
  • Login to your account here
  • Under my emails, click on create new and enter the desired address and password.
  • Click on the create button and await the email response.
  • After confirmation of successful account creation, your email address will be ready to use.

How many email accounts can I add to my email hosting account?

You can add upto 20 email addresses on your hosting package. Do note that the more email addresses you add to your account, the more storage will be required to store the email messages, especially if you anticipate huge attachments over time. You will be notified if your allotted space is running out in advance.

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If you have followed the steps provided and are still unable to create a new email address, you can request for further assistance by clicking on the More assistance button below.