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Issues with your Sandbvx billing?

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If you tried to make a new post, gone through the payment process and the post is still not live, the following article will help you to resolve the issue.

Unable to post on the Sandbvx app

If you have tried posting on the app but you are unable to progress past the payment screen, please follow the instructions below to help resolve the issue.

  • Ensure you have sufficient balance in your M-pesa account before attempting to post to prevent the process from failing due to insufficient funds error.
  • Make sure the number you used while registering on the app is online as the STK payment request will be sent to that specific number.
  • After making payment, ensure you do not close the app until you receive the order confirmation on the app.
  • On successful payment a pop up will be shown on the app confirming receipt of your payment and another one shortly to confirm your post is now live.

Made payment but your post is not yet live on the app?

If your phone number was charged but your post is not live, simply create a support request below and remember to quote your transaction number for further assistance.