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Software for lawyers office

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As we find ourselves in the digital age, many businesses have had to readjust to remain relevant and cater to their client’s needs in the digital age. Most services nowadays are available digitally and at the convenience of the customer. From ordering groceries to having them delivered to your doorstep, this can be achieved by simply placing na order on an Ecommerce app or website.

As other industries are witnessing innovation and transformation some remain neglected or overlooked such as the Law practising profession. Little innovation or transformation is being witnessed in the Law firm category.

Software for Lawyer's office

Like other industries, the fruits of digital transformation can be reaped by law firms as well, the key is to find a suitable solution that would help in the digital transformation with little to no pressure points while providing a familiar work flow thus ensuring increased productivity and a streamlined business process.

Introducing Cloud Office Manager, a software for lawyers that helps to streamline and organise day to day activities in a law firm while increasing productivity and efficiency. The software implements access management to restrict access to some components based on account role.

With cloud office manager, a law firm can benefit from the following:

  1. Customer Management: Build a client directory which you can access easily over the internet with the ability to mark clients status as either approved/not approved and active or not active. An approved client in this case is one whose contact details are confirmed to be correct and thus can be used by the software to send out updates on case progress as well as linking case files to particular clients.

Software for lawyers

  1. Task management: Assign tasks to other firm members with a deadline date. Every firm member assigned a task will be able to immediately see the assigned task on their dashboard ensuring faster results. The task management module also provides a TODO component to help track personal and work related tasks for maximum productivity.

Task management software for lawyers

  1. Calendar & Scheduling: From Bring up dates to meetings and court dates, a calendar and scheduling module enables your firm to stay on track by allowing you to set meeting dates, set important bring up dates as well as court dates. Automated reminders are always sent via email when important dates are approaching.

Law firm software

  1. File Management: Manage your case and client files with ease. A file management module enables you to link a particular file to a client thus making it easy to trace the file in future through a simple search. The file management software module also enables you to group files based on the category they fall e.g. Litigation, Commercial, Consultancy, Succession, Advisory & Conveyancing.

Software used by law firms

  1. Finance: Track your income vs expenses to see how well the firm is performing and which areas can be optimised to make the business more profitable.

Software lawyers use

  1. Chat: a chat module allows for one-on-one chat between firm members making collaboration on tasks a breeze as well as supporting remote working.

Software for lawyers office

How can I get the software for my law firm

Cloud office manager is a file management, calendar & scheduling, customer management, ToDo and task management software for lawyers that is a software as a service offering with two subscription tiers:

  1. Starter

    • $25/month or $250/annum (save on two months if paid annually).
    • Access for two firm members.
    • 10GB cloud storage for files.
    • Automated email reminders for important bring up dates.
    • Email support incase of any issues
  2. Pro

    • $35/month or $350/annum (save two months if paid annually).
    • Access for firm members.
    • 25GB cloud storage for files.
    • Automated email reminders for important bring up dates.
    • Email support incase of any issues

To sign up your law firm and experience the freedom of the cloud, fill this form and a representative will create your account and take you through the software features and general usage.

Which platforms are supported

Cloud office manager is a cloud based solution therefore most devices with an internet connection and a modern browser are supported. The software has been tested to perform great on desktops, laptops and tablets.

Do you offer customisation?

Yes, the software can be customised to meet the unique needs of your law firm. To request for customisation simply navigate to Support -> Contact on the software and then click on Contact Ofvesoft and send your requirements and we will have a look and advice on cost and delivery time.


Cloud office manager is a software for lawyers and law firms that offers file management, calendar and scheduling, task management, todo as well as client management. Get your law firm into the digital age with a monthly subscription starting at just $25 a month.