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Office Productivity

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A lot of times in our work life we always find ourselves in need of the following:

  • Writing or responding to email, to our business partners, clients or prospective customers.
  • Writing a document in form of a letter, memo, a business plan etc.
  • Some budgeting, minor accounting or stock taking which requires a spreadsheet
  • Creating presentation for that all important meeting with valued clients which requires a stunning presentation that would captivate your audience and keep them engaged in your presentation.
  • Signing contracts after a successful presentation and convincing your prospective clients that you are the right candidate for the project.
  • Cloud storage for storing our documents, photos and files for ease of access and for acting as an off-device back up.

Our productivity heavily relies on one if not all of the above when operating a business and it would be very difficult to operate smoothly without having a suite that can handle the said tasks. The good news, however is that we have readily available options that can be purchased and help us achieve all of the above.

Getting the right fit

Different software vendors offer office suites that help you achieve your work smoothly and they come bundled with a spreadsheet application, document processor, email client as well as a slides maker for making presentations. Although vendors may bundle different extras in their office suites which may prove valuable to you the customer, it all comes down to the value preposition and whether it serves the intended purpose while fitting in your budget.

Speaking of budget, if you are trying to keep costs low, the good thing is that nowadays we have a plethora of options to choose from and thus everyone has access to an office suite that would comfortably fit within their budget and allow them to increase their productivity.

In this article, I will focus on one of the available options and compare it with the most popular office suite which is Microsoft’s Office.

What is OfficeSuite™?

OfficeSuite, made by MobiSystems Inc, a leading provider of mobile productivity based in San Diego, is a simple, easy and affordable software solution helping families, teams and individuals bring their productivity to the next level. OfficeSuite bundles Documents for document processing, Sheets for worksheets, Slides for presentation slides, PDF & a mail client all in one package. The package also features free cloud storage known as MobiDrive and is used by millions of users across 195 countries.


Perhaps the most notable differentiating factor for OfficeSuite is its friendly price point, starting at just $3.33 per month for the personal plan which gives you access to OfficeSuite for PC (1 windows PC), and iOS as well as Android. In addition to giving you access to Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail & Calendar (for PC) and PDF, the personal plan also includes unto 50GB in MobiDrive which gives you ample cloud storage space for your photos and files in a secure environment. While the pricing is budget friendly, the features are not in any way restrictive since you can do just as much as you would on a regular installation of say for example Microsoft word. File compatibility is also guaranteed since OfficeSuite is fully compatible with documents, presentations and slides made on Microsoft Office. This means that all your Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Txt files will be fully compatible with Office Suite plus you also get PDF bundled for opening all your PDF files. Another good thing with OfficeSuite is that it is fully compatible with other cloud storage options such as OneDrive, and DropBox. Incase most of your files reside in any of the two cloud storage providers, you can rest assured that OfficeSuite will be able to connect to these so you can continue working on your files either form a PC or your mobile phone.

If you are more inclined to get a one-time purchase and avoid the monthly subscription, there is the Home & Business plan which costs $99.99 for a 1 user license and comes with a license for commercial use. Giving you the peace of mind to use the software in a commercial set up. Another business option is the Business Extra plan which comes in at just $6.99 per user per month. This plan grants you access to Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail & Calendar, 50GB in MobiDrive storage as well as PDF Extra which is an advanced PDF editor enabling you to do more with your PDF documents such as signing, adding notes e.t.c and is also licensed for commercial use. The BusinessExtra plan supports up-to 5 windows PC and 10 mobile devices per user, proving useful for a small business that has different devices each requiring the use of OfficeSuite. Furthermore you get priority support and the ability to add or remove users to your plan at any time. If the $6.99 price is still a bit steep for your budget, there’s the Business plan which comes in at just $3.99 per month and includes all that is included in Business Extra except PDF extra. So if you don’t really need an advanced PDF editing program, you can comfortably subscribe to Business plan and you will be well sorted. Device wise, the Business plan supports 5 Windows PCs & 10 mobile devices, giving you plenty of room to use the software on all your business devices without feeling limited in any way.

PDF Extra

Is it easy to use?

Now, I know the most important question on your mind is, will I need to relearn the software again? And the answer is NO. The user interface is intuitive and everything you need to create a document or presentation or worksheet is exactly where you would expect it to be. If you are coming from Microsoft Office, you will feel right at home. Sheets also has the ability to create your functions similar to excel so all your calculations and tabulations are expected to work without much of a fuss.

Where can I get it?

If you feel like you want to enjoy some cost savings and try OfficeSuite out, I will provide the links to the program below to allow you to get access to the suite and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

  1. OfficeSuite for Windows gives you 5 feature-packed apps for Documents, Sheets, Slides, PDF & Mail. Enjoy free cloud storage & a free 30-day trial.

  2. Be the Architect of your PDFs with PDF Extra - The only PDF Editor, Reader & Converter you need. Get a Free 30-day Premium trial & a bonus 5GB cloud storage for all your PDFs.

  3. 5% Promo code for every PDF Extra plan on iOS; Coupon code: MOBIIOS5

  4. OfficeSuite 5% Promo Code for IOS Coupon code: MOBIIOS5


Office productivity is something we all strive for. With the right tools and products this is achievable. Throw in a favourable price, a solid alternative and extra features and we have a winner.