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UI vs UX which is which?

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Basically, a user interface (UI) consists of the assets, pages, buttons, screens that a user interacts with while using a software product. User experience (UX) on the other hand is more related to how the UI elements come together to provide a seamless experience to the user as they navigate the product or service.

What should I expect?


We will give you a modern simplistic design tailored to perfectly match your brand and core values. A simplistic design is always favoured as oppossed to a cluttered one. The perfect user experience is acheived when simplicity meets functionality and we promise to deliver just that.

Wireframing and prototype

Wireframing is one of the steps of turning that sweet idea into reality. We will create a wireframe for your product or service all the while mainitaining a smooth user experience for maximum user retention and engagement.

I would love to know more

Excellent. We are dedicated to meeting your application design needs. Our team will work with you to get the best of both worlds in terms of user interface design and user experience and best of all tailor it to your brand core values.