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What is a custom email address?

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A custom email or personalised email address is one that ends with your own custom domain name. For example if your business uses a domain name like


then your custom email will be


Benefits of custom emails


A personalised email address on your domain shows professionalism and helps to increase clients's and future prospect's trust in the business.

Standard multiple addresses

A personalised email address hosting will enable you to create different email addresses for different departments and employees as need arises. This helps in standardising your email communication with your clients and prospects.

Do more

A custom email address allows for configurations such as automatic responders for when the recipient is away, a no-reply address for sending transactional emails or messages to your mailing lists.


Every time you send an email with your custom domain email address, that's free marketing and branding. You can include some business information on your email signature to get the most out of your domain-based email address.


Our email solution comes with added security features to help minimise the chances of falling prey to phishing attempts that aim to still your data and/or infect your device with malicious links.

We also incorporate modern security standards such as DMARC to protect your email from being impersonated and used in fraud by scammers and malicious actors.


With our email solution, you can access your emails in a plethora of ways including over the web, using Microsoft Outlook email client, using Mozilla Thunderbird, on mobile (both iOS and Android) and generally with any email client of your choice (supporting IMAP, POP and SMTP protocols) so that you can focus on work and not have to deal with relearning how a piece of software works simply to access your email. We work with what you currently are familiar with.

How can I get started?

Geting started with your own personal domain-based email address is easy. Simply contact us and we will assess your needs and select the best plan for you and your business.