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Web vs Mobile App

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A mobile app is a software program that runs on a mobile device such as smartphones and tablets, whereas a web application is a software program that runs on a desktop environment such as on a laptop or PC desktop.

When would I need an app for my business?

Selling Products

With e-commerce steadily being embraced by the masses, any business that sells products would highly benefit from having their own e-commerce enabled website to sell their products. Selling online has the benefit of being readily available to your customers 24/7. This availability can greatly assist in increasing sales.


Digitization is the process of migrating business processes from a manual system to a digital system. This has the following benefits:

  • faster data processing.
  • better record keeping.
  • better decision making backed by big data.
  • encourage innovation.
  • promote flexibility.

Selling a service

From ride hailing solutions, to e-commerce, to food delivery, to social media, name it. Most services offered in todays digitally connected world requires an app. We are highly experienced in app development and would work with you to deliver an award winning app.

How can I get started?

Getting started is easy. First identify a use case for the app. We will then work together with you to come up with all the awesome features that will make the app a winner in its market segment.